This page was last updated: March 16, 2008
Wowza!  When we laid eyes on Mystery (formerly Clononeen Pinot Grigio), that's all we could say!  She is one of the most unique Gypsy Horses we have EVER come across!  Once you get past the color facination, you can see the true quality that this filly is!  She is without a doubt one of the nicest fillies we have had the pleasure of meeting.  Add to that the fact that she is one of the ONLY PEARL Gypsy Horses known to date and you have something REALLY special!  We can't wait to see if her sire or dam carry the same gene...we also have Mystery's sister on her dam side and several of Mystery's brothers and sisters on her sire's side with us here in AZ!!  A few are available for sale.  HUGE thank yous to Deirdre and Brian Cash for allowing this girl to come to America!!  We love her!
Foaled 2006  Copy of Mystery's Genetic Results
Black - Single Black, Single Red  Agouti - negative  Sabino - negative  Creme - Single Gene  Pearl - Single Gene 
GCDHA Registration Number - FGI061307M

Mystery's sire Romeo is pictured below and her dam is the lovely Clononeen Aine (dam to our good mare Lissadell). 
Talk about top quality bloodlines!!