This page was last updated: September 10, 2007
Indigo is a 5 year old pure GYPSY (yes, PURE) STALLION of a different color.  
His sire, Aspercial, is a spotted stallion originally from Ireland, who now resides in Germany.  Indigo's dam, Isabeau, is a piebald black and white mare, who stands 14.3H tall.
The lines of the app-spotted gypsies are as old as the breed itself, but are quite rare these days.  25-30 years ago, this coat pattern was not that uncommon, but it has died out because of the popularity of the pinto patterns in recent years. 
Indigo is obviously from one of these old lines.
Indigo stands 15H and has heavy bone and feather.  He has a neck that is set just the way you want it, a gorgeous shoulder, and show-ring legs on him.    He naturally collects himself while floating along the ground.   Indigo is currently in dressage training and his trainer is amazed at how willing, fluid, and accepting he is to new things.
Indigo is available to 5 Gypsy mares and 5 non-gypsy mares in 2007.  His stud fee for 2007 is $1000. which includes a $300. Booking Fee.  Reserve your breeding now to help bring back what was once desired. 
Indigo is currently located in West Plains, Missouri.
On top of Indigo's natural athletic ability, his personality makes him an asset to our breeding program.  He is well mannered, easy to handle, and responsive to training.  He is a fast learner that is exceptionally willing and eager.  This are all traits that we know he will pass on to his offspring. 
To date we know of 5 foals that Indigo has sired.
Black & White  Spotted w/ Blanket Stallion
Foaled 2002  -  15H
Black - EE    (Homozygous for BLACK)   Agouti - aa
at the
Hoosier Horse Fair 2007
2005 - 2007